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    Artifacts ruining the whole picture




      I've just experienced a strange bug. I was working on a picture and everything was fine, I exported the picture to flickr then closed LR. An hour later I opened up LR again in order to do one more change, but as I hit the development tab, this happened :




      I've managed to temporarily get rid of the problem by hitting the cancel key but it keeps coming in as soon as I want to do something.

      I've tried deleting the picture from the catalog then importing it again, but as soon as I do anything (like selecting it and entering the development window) it keeps on bugging again, even when only using the original image (i.e : without any development made). The raw seems ok as I can see it in the windows 8.1 viewer


      I'm running LR 5.6 on windows 8.1 any idea what could be the cause of the problem and how I could try to get rid of it ?


      Thanks a lot !