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    Installing flash player msi on Azure Worker Role VM





      Trying to install the flash msi on Azure Wroker role.


      Tried the following C# code:



      Type type = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("WindowsInstaller.Installer");


      Installer installer = (Installer)Activator.CreateInstance(type);


      installer.UILevel = MsiUILevel.msiUILevelNone;


      installer.EnableLog("voicewarmup", logfile);


      installer.InstallProduct(installerpath, "ACTION=INSTALL ACTION=ADMIN

      REBOOT=ReallySuppress  ALLUSERS=\"\" ");



      While locally on the emulator it worked, on the actual VM it failed:



      === Verbose logging started: 10/2/2014  11:17:09  Build type: SHIP UNICODE

      5.00.9200.00  Calling process: E:\base\x64\WaWorkerHost.exe ===


      MSI (c) (68:EC) : Resetting cached policy values


      MSI (c) (68:EC) : Machine policy value 'Debug' is 0


      MSI (c) (68:EC) : ******* RunEngine:



                  • Product:

      C:\Resources\directory\ce466dcc59874f6d82d02bb94bacec18.DXEncoderWorker.Encoding\setup\ins tall_flash_player_15_active_x.msi



                  • Action:



                  • CommandLine: **********


      MSI (c) (68:EC) : Client-side and UI is none or basic:

      Running entire install on the server.


      MSI (c) (68:EC) : Grabbed execution mutex.


      MSI (c) (68:EC) : Failed to connect to server. Error:





      MSI (c) (68:EC) : Note: 1: 2774 2: 0x80070005


      1: 2774 2: 0x80070005


      MSI (c) (68:EC) : Failed to connect to server.


      MSI (c) (68:EC) : MainEngineThread is returning 1601


      === Verbose logging stopped: 10/2/2014  11:17:09 ===



      Any idea what "Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x80070005" means ?