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    NO Support From Adobe


      I am using Lightroom 5.6 (not the CC version)  the edit option in the program is greyed out at times.  Even when the option is not greyed out LR will not transfer image to CS6 for editing.  I talked wit ADOBE support yesterday they linked with my MAC, they suggested that I uninstall CS6 and re-install.  I uninstall CS6 last evening and re-installed.  I opened LR, the option is still greyed out.


      This morning I uninstall LR and re-installed the edit in option is still greyed out.  Also, another problem in the CATALOG area all folder have ? marks.  I called Adobe a few minutes ago and they informed me this time since this is not a CC item it would be escalated and someone will be getting back to me within 24 hours.  The person also informed since it is not a CC item the only support I can get is from this forum???!  So I am stuck with a product that does not work properly.  Another thing, since I do not have a LR disc I had to download LR from Adobe, now LR will not accept my license.


      My workflow, import images from card to LR, process in LR, transfer to PS for final tweaks if needed.


      My current update for MAC OS is 10.9.5

      My current update for Camer Raw is


      OS and Safari updated 08/25/2014

      iTunes update 8/10/2014

      Digital Camera Raw updated 08/21/2014

      Autodesk Sketch updated 08/21/2014

      Battle Nations updated 08/21/2014


      In the last 7 days the following programs were installed: bits, elmedia Player, clipbuddy, sweetie, vidaiary, and x-mirage.