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    How to create an InDesign Grep Expression to specific words

    mosheyri Level 1

      I have a long list of congratulations wishes all following a certain pattern. How can I create a grep style with the following sequence:


      Congratulations to [name] upon.....


      • The first two words of the paragraph are always: Congratulations to
      • Followed by: name
      • Followed by: upon.... (then continues with the rest of info)


      There's a general paragraph style to the paragraph, let's call that "body". A  character style, let's call "bold", should be applied to the first word, then skip the word "to", apply the "bold" character style again to the name (however long that may be), and stop at the word "upon". Keep in mind that the word "to" is mentioned again later on, so I wouldn't want to use an expression with all words "to", unless can be specified only the first instance.


      I'm new to GREP, but have figured out so far that the following will give me the applied character style to the first word: ^Congratulations


      Thanks a lot in advance to whoever can help me out here.