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    How can I retrieve a password for a document?


      You won't believe this....


      I made a document in Acrobat 9 on my Win7 computer, password protected it, typed it in a 2nd time, then saved the document. Just seconds later, I went to test the document to make sure it'd open, so I tried to open it, and ..... it wouldn't open. It said 'wrong password'. So I must have had my fingers on the keyboard in the wrong home base position, and typed something other than I thought. I typed the same "password" with my fingers in different spots on the keyboard, but couldn't replicate the mistake.


      How can I retrieve a password?


      1) I thought there was something on computers where you could find out previous keystrokes, especially if you've not yet turned off your computer. I read one time where you do some steps then paste the results onto a .txt file, and it will show your previous keystrokes.


      2) I almost bought one of those Password Recovery software programs online last night from Daosoft. I wonder if they're a scam, or if they really work?

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          IsakTen Level 4

          You can't recover the password. If you could, I could have as well and the whole purpose of encryption would be moot. This is why it is a good practice to save the original PDF before you secure it.

          If the password that you created was a really strong one (other than word 'password' or some other word) I doubt that the password recovery programs would do the work. They are usually good only for fairly simple passwords.

          Acrobat X added new way of encryption that is almost impossible to crack and Acrobat XI added the password strength indicator which tells you how good the password that you're entering is.