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    Moving pages adds back ALL the master page items, how to prevent?


      Hi! I've got a document built based on various master pages, and the main one I use has some text boxes containing placeholder text in various formats. I add pages based on this master, then on the document pages, I command-shift-click (I'm on a Mac) on the items I want to change and insert the correct text.


      But when I want to move pages around... ALL the master page items including my "dummy text block" are re-added to both the page being moved and any affected/reflowed pages. The result is a multipage, multilayered mess.


      I do want to keep the master items that I've left alone, like automatic page numbers. But I don't want to have to clean up everything else on every page. Arrgh!


      If I apply a blank master page prior to moving, then of course I lose my page numbers, and other items that might not have been customized yet on that particular page.


      Is there a way for me to easily move pages that were based on a master but have been edited, taking with them only the master page items that weren't modified?


      If not, I assume my only solution is to:

      - Make a new master page with only page numbers, nothing else

      - On the document pages based on a full master with all the items, Cmd-Shift-Click every item I want to keep even if I haven't yet edited it

      - After editing all pages, switch them to the page-numbers-only template

      - Move them around to my heart's content


      Seems needlessly complicated.


      Thanks for any suggestions or solutions!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This will happen with facing pages and two-page masters when you add or remove an odd number of pages, causing existing pages to change sides of the spread.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            In InDesign should NEVER be a dummy text on a master. InDesign is not Quark Xpress, where this method made sense. It is a complete different program, so please forget behaviors from Quark Xpress workflows. They are here completely wrong.


            If you put text frames on the master, they only should be for automatic place holders like page numbers or running header. It is best to put them on their own layer.


            If you work with CS6 or newer you can also use primary text frames on the master. In older versions I would also recommend not to put any empty place holder frame on the master. (Ok, I know some exceptions, where I do it myself, but this is a different topic.)


            InDesign uses the margin and column guides to build up inserted text frames.

            If you need text frames exactly on the very same place again and again, don't use place holder, but create a new INDL InDesign Library file and put it there as object. If you place these items via command—not by dryg and drop—it will remember exact position and—if this setting is turned on in the Layer Panel's menu—their original layer.


            Avoid overriding master page element on pages if you can. Master page's objects are NOT part of a content in an exported PDF, only artifact, which might be important if you need to create PDF/UA. If you decide to export any EPUB without fixed layout, Master Page objects will be ignored completely. But if you override them, they become part of content. So I would strongly recommend to create several Master Pages as "Children" of the first Master and override those elements there to be consequent in design and structure of a document.

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              CosmoCanuck Level 1

              Thanks Willi. I am indeed an oldschool Quark guy, though been using InDesign for years now. I'll look into the INDL method - which i don't even know about! - but if it's the right way, I'll learn.