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    Why can't I drag and drop a box?


      It won't let me drag a box up next to another one, so I've been recreating the same box trying to get the form to look right.  I have a long box with 8 - 10 responses, so there's a bunch of blank space to the right of it.  It will let me add one box next to it to use that space.  But it won't let me put another box under that one.  So there's a bunch of space, it looks awkward.  I have a box that would fix in that section but it won't let me drag it to that space.  It won't let me drag anything up just swap side to side.


      And why does it create random margins?  It won't let me stretch the question part/text of a box beyond the size of the box above it.


      I really regret starting this on FormsCentral, what an annoying fiasco it has been. Fail.