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    How do you Place rtf files from LibreOffice into InDesign CS6


      I am new to InDesign CS6. I am having a problem Placing LibreOffice rtf files into InDesign.


      I am using LibreOffice, Lotus WordPro, and Windows 7. I am saving my work in rtf files. Each page has two columns.


      Placing rtf files from WordPro into InDesign works with no problems, but - I wonder just how long WordPro will continue to work with Windows 7 so I would like to switch to LibreOffice.


      When I Place a rtf file that has two columns from LibreOffice into InDesign, I get a loaded text cursor, but nothing loads. I can take this same file, remove the columns so there is only one column, and it loads just as it should. Further, if I load the one column file into a Master set up for two columns, the file loads into two columns with all the proper formating.


      Please guide me in how to Place the LibreOffice two column rtf files into InDesign.