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    exportFile() on TextFrames - strange behavior, how to fix?




      What I need, is to export text frames as images, using exportFile() method and get the same appearance as in document.


      But if I manipulate with textframe a bit, like resize it a bit, the picture I got is not the same size as the selection: it has some margins.


      el = TextFrame element


      var file = new File(path + "el" + el.id + ".png");
      app.pngExportPreferences.exportResolution = 72;
      app.pngExportPreferences.transparentBackground = true;
      el.exportFile(ExportFormat.PNG_FORMAT, file);


      for example, if I check el.geometricBounds (or visibleBounds, they are the same) it's [64, 104.88, 85, 336], which is  ( 231x22 ).

      But with exportFile I got png with 231x29 size.


      How to get exact image? Or how to match them so I could crop it later automatically?