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    Question on what Flex can do

      Hi, I'm new to this technology and it's abilities

      I can see that Flex allows Flash to integrate with online databases

      #1 Is Flex a stand alone program or a plug in or extension to Flash?

      #2 does it interface with mysql databases directly - ie it can show info from the database just like say php does within the flash design?

      #3 does it have offline capabillities? I am creating conference touch screen applications where it would be nice to pull dynamic speaker information and classroom info into a flash screen. Obviously this would need to be a text file to work with the flash .exe. Would Flex allow flash to read from an exported database? what about search capabilities? For instance typing in a class name to find a room # etc.?

      Thanks for your expertise!
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          Josh Johnson Level 1
          #1 - Yes, it's a standalone program. The FlexBuilder UI can also be installed as an Eclipse IDE plugin, or as a standalone app.

          #2 - No, it consumes XML data, so you can use it alongside a server-side language like PHP to manipulate data in a mysql database.

          #3 - Not yet, but soon. Check out Adobe Apollo for this.