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    Using remote URL with object tag

      I have a flex application (swf) that I have deployed to a hosted server how do I have someone else reference that SWF if they want to use it in their web sites? I attempted to make the embed src tag and the object param name="movie" reference the SWF through a fully qualified SWF URL. It works in Firefox but not IE7.

      <param name="movie" value=" http://www.mysite.org/ThePath/TheApp.swf" />
      <embed src=" http://www.mysite.org/ThePath/TheApp.swf" quality="high" bgcolor="#869ca7"

      Unless I am missing some syntax to make IE7 work without every user making a change it seems as I have 3 options.

      1. Distribute the SWF to each user and have them reference it locally. This is nasty for updates.
      2. Have each user use some type of IFRAME or frame set and include my HTML host page on the same site. I kind of would like to avoid frames if at all possible.
      3. Create some kind of shell SWF that I distribute to the users that "somehow" remotely loads my SWF using a URL. Not sure if this is even possible.

      Anyone have any ideas?