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    INDD CC version issues


      Several individuals at my company are using CC, but for some reason we're not all on the same version of INDD. A few months ago I started getting the "...file was created in an newer version..." error when trying to open INDD files. I'm guessing some users had a version update that I didn't receive. How do we resolve this issue?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          In the CC are 3 versions now available—including their patches and updates—: CS6, CC and CC2014. You should install CC2014 very where because you have paid for it. You can have installed (and running) side by side parallel. (This might be necessary if you have to interact with people which are not able to hardware restriction to install the newer versions or if you have 3rd party plugins which are not developed yet for the latest version.)