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    Surface pro 3 vs Photoshop problems



      I recently bought a surface pro 3 i7, specially to use for photoshop cc.

      I run in to a lot of problems, but my main problem is that after a while it freezes when using the lasso tool.

      I don't know why it does this when i am using the lasso and not any other tool so far.

      It freezes from 5 min to 20 min.. yesterday I completely reinstalled my surface but with no luck.

      Does anyone has a solution for this problem.


      Second, not as important as the first but still annoying, when using the lasso half way it already starts selecting, do I press to hard I dont know.

      Third, really really annoying the fact that when I use the pen tool, it's impossible to adjust (a) the shape of the pen with the anchor points, this really frustrating.

      I tried it even connecting my cintiq to it on a big screen, it works better but stiil its a struckle. On my normal computer with normal it works fine,


      Please help me out,

      I am so frustrated.