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    Tracking an SWF

    richieboy1 Level 1
      Hi! M workin on a project to develop an audio commenting system.I hv developed the widget to perform the audio recording and playback.This widget would be available to any general user to host o n his/her site.The problem i hv is that i want to track the usage of the widget.I f it is copied and hosted on any other domain i want to keep tracvk mof the number of times the widget is being viewed,well thats jst the first step.Wat i want to do is to find a way to capture the url of the page that is hosting the widget.Like say if the widgetis named MyWidget.swf and if it is hosted at http://somedomain.com/audiocomments/comment.html i want a way to capture that entire url.So far all i hv managed is to capture the domain along with the name of the swf.That is for the above example it wld be http://somedomain.com/audiocomments/MyWidget.swf Its possible to capture the url that i want using a javascript call from flash,but that requires the javascript function to be present in the page that has the widget embedded in it.I hv been tryin to find a way to get the reqd url using jst actionscript.Does anyone hv any idea hw to do this????