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    Context Sensitive WebHelp in VB Application


      My developers need help in how to implement context sensitive WebHelp being called from our VB application -- can anyone help us cut to the chase?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Being a VB application, won't that sit on the user's machine rather than a server? I'm not sure but check that with your developers.

          If correct, then maybe you want the help to also sit there in which case you need a CHM file (HTML Help) rather than WebHelp unless your output is from RH6 in which case you can generate with the Mark of the Web. Otherwise each PC would need an IE setting to be modified to run webhelp locally rather than from a server.

          If the help can be webhelp, there are a some topics on my site about calling that format. For calling a CHM file, I haven't checked but http://www.helpware.net probably has some information.