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    Iphone 6 Plus is cropping

    stratafilms Level 1

      I tried adding the dependent file  Default-414w-736h@3x.png  but it crops the app.  Any ideas?  I read people using Air were having problems as well, but I think adobe did an update.  Do we need an update for Director to make full screen apps for the iphone 6 plus? - I did get the regular 6 to work with Default-375w-667h@2x.png.

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          I managed to get full screen on an iPhone 6 Plus by attaching a dependent file.


          Go to Publish Settings -> Files and choose a file that that is a launch image of size 640x1136 pixels. Check box must be set for 'Copy linked and dependant files"

          The name of this file is important; Default-568h@2x.png   (critical part in bold).


          I also used a Prepare Movie script, but not sure if this is really necessary:


          on prepareMovie


            if the runmode <> "Author" then

              the stageColor = the stageColor -- removes the white screen flash!!!

              (the stage).rect =  (the desktopRectList)[1]  -- Gets the full screen size from the desktop rect!!!

              (the stage).drawRect = (the desktopRectList)[1] -- this makes the stage full screen!!!!

            end if