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    Photoshop 12.0 Camera Raw Updates never download. Any ideas?

    Rachel Dixon

      Trying to download the Camera Raw update for Photoshop 12.0.  No matter how many times I quit and re-try, the updates download but never complete the installation process.  This is common to all my Adobe products, so I'm guessing it's the updater. In the progress bar I can see the downloads taking place, but at the end of the process the updater gives me the message> " [product name]. There was an error downloading this update. Please quit and try again later.


      No amount of quitting and restarting etc has any impact.


      I would prefer not to have to uninstall lightroom etc so I've held off doing that in the hopes there's an easier way.


      Is this just me or do others have this problem too?


      Photoshop 12.0


      iMac early 2014 3.4Ghz, 8GB RAM, OS 10.9.5.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I’d suggest posting this sort of issue in the Downloading and Installing forum: https://forums.adobe.com/community/download_install_setup


          I’ve seen Adobe support people respond to things in that forum during daylight hours in the US, or you might try just starting a Chat session indicating you’re having issues installing Elements (or maybe Photoshop) by going to adobe.com, clicking on Menu then choosing Learn and Support and jump through the hoops to narrow down what you’re having an issue with, then click Still Need Help and choose Chat.






          The Adobe Camera Raw forum is for the PS plug-in and perhaps general raw-decoding questions not specific to a product.


          Not for either Lightroom or “Photoshop 12” issues.  By “Photoshop 12” do you mean Photoshop Elements 12 (PSE12) or Photoshop CS5 which is also known as Photoshop 12?