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    Where is my Lightroom catalog?


      Help! I lost a 1TB external hard drive of my photos(my whole collection).  When I went to upload my files from my backup drive, I noticed my catalog was empty(all my edits gone).  Im not sure what happened, but I tried to look in the "backup" folder that lightroom backs up the catalog to, and that seems empty as well.....Im using Lightroom 5.6 on a mac book pro with the latest operation system.  Admittedly im not very computer savvy, so this is frustrating.  I have thousands of edits im missing.  Even stranger is the 3TB external I use a "time machine" should contain backup files of my lightroom catalog(I think?) but it has a folder of about 100 random edits in it.....Im fearing the worst here......any help would be appreciated......The lightroom catalog was stored on my mac hard disk, not the 1TB hard drive I lost, so Im confused as to why I lost all edits.........

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          The LR catalog is a file ending in the extension ".lrcat".  Perhaps it wasn't stored where you think it was.  You could try using Spotlight to search for it, though my own experience is that Spotlight is not reliable for searching the entire drive.  I suggest downloading the free EasyFind app from the Mac app store and searching your Macintosh hard drive for ".lrcat" (with the options Only Files, Phrase, Ignore Case, Package Contents, and Invisible Files & Folders).