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    Can Flash send RS232 strings out the USB port?



      I am working on a project that includes 8 PCs each running a flash program.  I hope someone can shed some light. Here is my flash question. (I think and easy one)


      Hardware configuration:


      Flash program running in full screen on a PC that is connected to an Elo Touch touch screen connected to the pc via USB to the USB touch screen controller. A second USB port on the PC connected to USB-to-RS232 adapter. The RS232 side of the USB-to-RS232 adapter will be connected to a commercial grade HDTV with a RS232 control port.


      Flash software question:


      What I want to do is when a certain button is pushed on the touch screen or specific actions have the flash program send serial string out the USB port through the USB-to-RS232 adapter so the flash program will switch inputs on the HDTV (or any other RS232 command) only one way RS232 is needed from the PC to the HDTV. Back in the old days it was easy to have macromedia director send serial strings out the PC’s com port (commands to a laser disk player, etc.)



      Is this something anyone can help me with?