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    Play FLV in player using an external button

      I'm working on a video presentation where a "pop-up" window shows a disclaimer and upon "accepting", the "pop-up" disappears and the video starts playing. The FLV that will play has a 20 sec. buffer on it and the video will be "pre-loading" or buffering in the background as the viewer is reading through the disclaimer. I currently have the FLV settings in the Component inspector as "autoPlay = false" "bufferTime = 20" "contentPath = video.flv" "skin = StealExternalAll.swf" "totalTime = 290". I have the autoPlay set to false so that if it takes longer for the viewer to get through the disclaimer than it takes for the first 20 sec. to load, then the video won't start playing while the disclaimer is still up. What actionscript do I need to put on the "accept" button in order for it to control the "play" button in the StealExternalAll.swf without having to click on the play button? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          I was able to figure it out by browsing some of the other threads. To have an external button control the play function of an FLVPlayback Component, just use the following:


          Drop this piece of code into the actions layer within the button's function and replace "myVid" with the instance name of your FLVPlayback component.

          accept_btn.onRelease = function () {
          _root.popUpWindow_mc._visible = false;

          decline_btn.onRelease = function () {