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    Unable to install SmugMug plugin into Lightroom


      I've been using Lightroom and the SmugMug plugin for a long time.  I got a new computer and set everything up using Creative Cloud installed LR.  No problems there.  Went to use my SmugMug publishing and it said the add wasn't installed.  No problem, there is this nice link takes you to the page.  Press add.  It shows up in the Creative Cloud app manager.  Cool.  But I can't get it to show up in the plug in manager of LR.


      I find out that the Extension Manager can help, ok so I install that.  It shows having SmugMug already installed.  Great.


      It still doesn't show up in LR.  I even tried downloading the zip file, but the zip format is something I can't extract.


      I'm obviously missing something some where, but beats the hell out of me where.  If you are going manage plug ins, why don't they show up in LR automatically?