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    CR2 Files Corrupting on Import

    Absolute Rotter 001 Level 1



      I have an issue with importing CR2 RAW and JPEG files into Windows 7. This isn't an Adobe issue but I'm hoping someone just might be able to put me on the right track


      A percentage of the files are being corrupted. I've tried importing directly from the camera (Canon 5D MkII), via a CF card reader and from an external HDD - all with the same result


      The odd thing is that if I re-import the same batch of files I don't always get the same result. Some that were corrupted aren't, some that weren't are and some of those that were still are and some that weren't still aren't


      It's definitely isn't the camera, the CF cards, or the card reader that's at fault. Windows 7 - and its USB system - is the only common denominator here


      the only part Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop or Canon DPP plays is that they all display the same result so they're out of the equation too