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    Is the 1280 x 1080 display system requirement for After Effects CC, really necessary?

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      I'm building a high-spec desktop to run Premiere and After Effects CC.  I'm very happy with my research so far, and confident that the machine will be adequate for my workflow requirements.


      However, I am buying components over time, and won't have this up and running for a good few months.


      In the meantime I am planning to purchase a laptop, which will be a shared-use secondary device for the family.  What I would like to do is run Premiere and After Effects (and other CC apps) on the laptop so that I can play around and do some learning prior to getting my main editing machine.  Bearing in mind that I am not going to be doing any serious work on the laptop, just teaching myself the applications, I have found some devices that fall within my budget and look as though they would be able to get me reasonably started with the CC applications I want to use.


      The only spec that I'm having serious trouble with (at my price point) is the After Effects CC requirement for a 1280 x 1080 screen. The laptops I have shortlisted all have a screen res of either 1600 x 900, or 1366 x 768.  So my question is - what's the deal with this particular system requirement?  Can I install and run AE CC on a lower res machine?  Is it just a case of re-scaling menus and such, or will the app refuse to run?