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    Is any one else have issues with interactive PDF output from InDesign CC (2014)


      I am currently trying to produce a document with a level of interactivity I have achieved many times before.

      The interactivity is just a web style menu, show/hide the menu shows button set one, clicking on those shows a second set of buttons, and clicking in one of those goes to destination page and hides all menu buttons once more.


      When output from ID CC 2014 the result is loads of missing buttons and no working menu.


      Its not a corrupt ID file. I tried a brand new empty file, recreated basic structure with simple one state buttons and achieved similarly useless results.


      If I back save using IDML and open in CS5, export from there, it works beautifully, so problem is not as many have been recently, to do with Acrobat browsers.

      If I back save and open in InDesign CC (not 2014), export from there, it doesn't work, so problem is shared there!


      Anybody any suggestions? Experienced similar and found a cure?





      You can (no longer) use full stops/decimal points in button naming. Menu was hierarchically labelled as 1, (1.1, 1.2), (1.1.1, 1.1.2) etc.

      Renamed 1_1, 1_1_2 etc and all functionality has returned. Why you could and now you can't, who knows!


      Hope this helps you if you stumble across here with the same issue.