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    Adobe Pemiere Elements 13


      I use Adobe Premiere Elements 11 . can I update to Premiere Elements 13 or need I premiere Elements 12 for updating ?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The upgrade is actually just a special price for current owners of the program.


          So I recommend you first check on Amazon. You may find a brand new copy of the program that costs the same or less than Adobe's "upgrade"!

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Buying guide: version comparison | Adobe Premiere Elements 13


            Premiere Elements versions are standalone products. Upgrade pricing means that you get a price break if you buy from Adobe direct and can show proof

            of purchase of an earlier version of the program. But, you can purchase  only the online download installation files from Adobe direct. If you want box packaged

            product with installation disc, then you have to buy from an authorized reseller of the product.


            Major thought - if you purchase online download, you will get files specific to your computer operating system, Windows OR Mac. If you purchase box packaged product with installation discs, you get an installation disc for Windows and a second disc for installation on Mac.


            Initially I am saying the same thing as was posted already, just adding a bit more just in case notes.




            Add on....at last look Amazon was not showing lowest pricing.

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              A.Kubba Adobe Employee



              Yes you can upgrade from Premiere Elements 11 to Premiere Elements 13 directly at a special cost.

              While purchasing the product online through the Adobe website it would give you an option to upgrade. From the drop down you can select Premiere Elements 11 and get the special pricing for the product.


              Thank You