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    hex colour shift from Indd to PH, both assigned sRGB

    lister110 Level 1

      Hi everyone. I am doing some wire framing in indesign with buttons and other colours. I would like to keep everything pretty tight so when I use anything graphics from indesign and place them in photoshop I want the hex values to match. I have assigned both programs with sRGB IEC61966-2.1. But when I copy and paste into Photoshop the value changes slightly.


      I have 2 colour with Hex values of:


      #59B124 - Green 89/177/36

      #FFD911 - Red 255/217/17


      Made using the great script by in-tools. But when placed in ph the colour shift ever so slightly. Green becomes #58b023 and the Red becomes #fc1713. Is there any way to make sure when these copy over the colours match.