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    Transparent Background (Page) with page curl possible?


      Hi all,


      Just need a little help here, I'm probably being stupid but there does not seem to be an answer that hits me in the face. Though I am stupid.


      I'm creating a book with (when it's gone to print) will have tracing paper (semi transparent) pages in between each page.

      I have been producing page curl documents for the client to view in a simulated way how the book looks.

      I have been (at the same time) making presentation stills to give him a view of what it would look like in 3 quarter view of how the transparent pages will look in a dummy photoshopped page.


      This takes a lot of time to achieve with a degree of realism. Although I can tell the client, this is how it's going to look, I would love to do it with the page curl effect.


      What I mean by that is as I am flipping a page to a semi transparent page (tracing paper page) you see the page below frosted then as the page flips the page below is revealed 100%.

      Just like you would with a book.


      I have exported a swf file then reimported back into Indesign then attempted to create an interactive page with transparency. But it still shows the paper page.

      I then attempted to put a newly exported flash doc into flash then reduce the opacity on one of the DPS's to see if that made a difference. Page just goes all strobe like flashing on an off like it is having a fit.


      Is this possible?


      If not I'll continue to do it the way I've been doing it.


      Thank you in advance.