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    Switching subscription from Windows to Mac


      I have a CC subscription and would like to switch it from my Windows computer to my Mac.  I made a few searches but I'm having a brain-fart on good search terms and haven't found what I'm looking for.


      Is there a step-by-step for making this switch?  Or could someone point me in the right direction?


      Your time is most appreciated - and observed in good thoughts.


      All the very best!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is no need to switch.  You are allowed to have the software installed and working on two machines, and since it is CC it means you can have mixed systems, meaning one installation could be Windows and one could be Mac.  So you only need to be concerned with installing on the Mac.  If you want to you can sign out of the Windows installation, but it is not required.