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    What's your photography workflow?


      Hi all


      I've recently signed up for the photography creative cloud package and I'm still trying to figure out the most effective workflow.


      I take photos using my DSLR and I'm experimenting with importing photos from the SD card directly into my iPad, using Apple's camera kit, but it's really slow and needs a lot of space on the iPad, which i don't always have. Alternatively, I could import them into Lightroom on my MacBook and curate them on the iPad. I can't really decide what works best, but I'm going on holiday in a few weeks and am looking for some kind of 'lightweight' solution.


      Finally, I'm wanting a permanent solution that will sync all of my photos to a cloud service, for archival purposes more than public viewing. I was thinking about Flickr for that, with its free 1TB.


      Any comments / recommendations? I'd be keen to hear what other people do, end to end.