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    LR5 Watermarks presets saved but linked png signature file lost...



      I work recording the lightroom settings/presets in library folder rather than in the os user settings.


      I switched from PC (7) to Mac (Mavericks) and I could open my catalogs on mac keeping the majority of my settings and preferences. Except for watermarks: I had 5 watermarks presets with png signature file, they are still listed as watermarks presets, the settings are retained but the graphics signature file in PNG watermarks disappeared. Some of the png were outside watermark's presets folder, some were inside, result is the same, all disappeared.


      I think I can not recover them and will have to do them again, that's not a so big problem, but to avoid this in the future, what do you advise me to keep the watermark PNG files stored with the settings info?


      Thank you!