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    Flex tree displaying raw XML with tags

      For some reason, after I setup a tree control and set its dataprovider to an XML that a coldfusion component is returning, the tree will display the raw XML in one node (including tags and everything) instead of formatting it into folders and files. At first I thought the coldfusion component was formatting the XML incorrectly but after I used one of the example XML's in the adobe docs, it will still display the RAW xml. This is the code where I define the tree control:

      <mx:Tree x="0" y="10" width="266" height="223" id="courseTree" dataProvider="{myxml}"/>

      and even using this example XML from the livedocs it still doesnt format it and display folders and entries, it will display the raw XML with tags:

      <mx:XML id="myxml">
      <Company label="Macromedia">
      <Branch label="Newton">
      <Department label="Flex Doc">
      <Title label="Intern">
      <Name label="Kapil Virdi"></Name>