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    lightroom upgrade, lost images, lightroom 5, back up




      Several months ago I upgraded from lightroom 2 to lightroom 5.  When I opened a pre-existing catalog a dialog box appeared asking if I would like to open my current catalog as a lr 5 catalog.  I said yes... then every time since, when opening my catalogs it would pop up a dialog box and i forget what it said but the enticing flashing Apple blue light suggested suggest I click "use existing catalog" so thats what I chose. Then it would pull up my catalog and everything would be fine.  Recently when I opened this catalog a dialog box popped saying upgrade or update.  I didn't give a second glance and clicked it..... however once that finished and my catalog opened, it had nothing after the month of april.  everything beyond that was gone.  yikes.   So opened from my last back up instead of my alias shortcut.  (where i usually open my catalog, now instead of showing a lr 5 icon it went back to a lr 2 icon...but still opened it in lr5).  Everything was fine from the back up.  But my question is how to fix it so i don't have to open from my back up every time.  how do i fix my alias shortcut to go back to the way it was.   I guess I could always make a new catalog, but I was in the middle of editing a wedding shoot and wanted to use the same catalog.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about that could shed some helpful advice. It would be very much appreciated.