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    Plug: help get #CFML onto the Bitnami stack

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      I'm actually plugging Railo here, which is perhaps a bit cheeky on Adobe's ColdFusion forums, but this is targeted at the CFML community at large.


      Bitnami are running a competition (as is their monthly wont) to see what people want added to their stack: https://bitnami.com/contest.


      Railo is in the running, and is in second spot currently.


      I know Railo is the "competition" for ColdFusion, but getting a CFML server into the Bitnami environment can only help everyone in the CFML community: it'll make it easier for people to try CFML, and this in turn might bring more people in the community. This helps both Railo and ColdFusion.


      This is a good thing for all of us CFML users, right?


      Railo's currently on 404 votes (405 now), and will take the lead at 424 votes. The current first placeholder has not increased its votes for probably a day now, whereas Railo is steadily climbing.


      Please consider doing your bit to get CFML out there more than it is now.