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    cfgridupdate hidden field


      Is there a way to insert a hidden field using cfform, cfgrid, and cfgridupdate?

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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is unclear to me what you mean. Insert into into what? You could just declare the type of an input field in a form to be 'hidden'.

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            BalddogRobin Level 1

            I don't think using a hidden field will work with cfgrid and cfgridupdate.  It's not working for me, but maybe I'm missing something.

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              BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Again, what do you mean? What is the context?


              You could just use a hidden form field next to the cfgrid, like this





              <cfinput type="hidden">


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                BalddogRobin Level 1

                I did exactly what you show, and it doesn't insert the hidden field when using Insert a Row.


                <!---Save Grid --->   

                <cfif IsDefined("form.factsEntered") is True>

                <cfgridupdate grid="FactsGrid" Keyonly="true"


                tablename="pmspProductionFacts" >


                <!---Output Grid--->
                <cfgrid name = "PrioritiesGrid"
                  query = "priorities"


                insert = "yes"
                delete = "yes"
                rowHeaders = "No"


                colHeaderBold = "Yes"
                selectMode = "EDIT"
                insertButton = "Insert a Row" deleteButton = "Delete selected row" sort="yes" >


                    <cfgridcolumn name="pmsppriorityid" display="false">

                    <cfgridcolumn name="pesttypeid" header="Pest Type"  display="yes" width="100" valuesdisplay="#variables.pesttypes#" values="#variables.pesttypesid#" valuesdelimiter=",">

                    <cfgridcolumn name="prioritytypeid" header="Priority Type"  display="yes" valuesdisplay="#variables.prioritytypes#" values="#variables.prioritytypesid#" valuesdelimiter="," width="100">

                    <cfgridcolumn name="cropstageid" header="Stage"  display="yes" width="300" valuesdisplay="#variables.cropstages#" values="#variables.cropstageids#" valuesdelimiter=",">

                    <cfgridcolumn name="prioritynumber" header="Priority Number"  display="yes" width="100">

                    <cfgridcolumn name="criticalneed" header="Critical Need" display="yes" valuesdisplay="True,False" values="true,false" valuesdelimiter=",">

                     <cfgridcolumn name="priority" header="Priority" display="yes" width="1500">


                    </cfgrid><br />


                    <cfinput type="hidden" name="pmspid" value="#url.pmspid#">


                <div align="center"><cfinput type="submit" name="prioritiesEntered" value="Save Priorities"></div>