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    smart text reflow with different last page master


      I'm new to InDesign, and I'm on version 7.5.3, CS5.5.


      I've created a document template with three masters, a "front" page, an "internal" page, and a "last" page. Facing pages is not checked because it doesn't make sense for this document.


      The front page serves as a cover with a TOC. I am trying to use smart text reflow so that when the user pastes content into the internal page, it will generate pages accordingly, but I cannot figure out how to make it generate these "internal" pages and then flow the last bit of content into the "last" page.


      With what I know, the workflow currently looks like this:


      - Copy/paste content into internal page and format content using styles.

      - Turn off smart text reflow.

      - Delete the page before the last page.

      - Go to the new penultimate page and link the text frame to the last page text frame.


      This sort of works, but if there are objects on the penultimate page, they don't make it after I delete the penultimate page, I'm assuming because they aren't part of the text reflow content.


      I did a bunch of different searches to try and find an answer, but I haven't been able to identify a solution that works for my situation.


      Thanks for any advice!


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