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    Problem with resolution

    Sebastian676 Level 1

      Hello, i'm working with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop, both CS6 versions from Adobe Master Collection CS6, i wanted to create a Full HD video (1920x1080p) on AE, but first i created a composition on PS in 1920x1080p, but weirdly, in PS looks a lot more 'panoramic' for saying something, and then i import it into AE and it looks a little re-escaled to up and down sides, this is weirder since both compositions are at Full HD 1920x1080p but they dont look the same, but also, then i save the image as JPEG or PNG directly from PS, the image looks the same as appears in AE, so maybe the problem is photoshop? the image also appears a little scaled to up and down sides into the video, and maybe doesnt look that bad, but still it's a problem and obviously i can't just leave it like that.

      Thanks for reading me, i hope anyone can response me soon, because i'm making videos in my work and i had this problem. thanks in advance!