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    How do I import my Adobe Ideas drawings to Illustrator Draw?

    MadisonLeupp Adobe Employee

      In Ideas, sign-in with your Adobe ID and enable Creative Cloud file syncing. All the Ideas files on your iPhone/iPad will then sync to your Creative Cloud account. When that’s complete, you can view your Ideas files at https://creative.adobe.com or on your desktop if you have the Creative Cloud desktop app installed.


      To organize your files prior to importing into Draw, you can put them in folders in Creative Cloud or on your desktop. Individual Ideas files imported to Draw will come in as single-page projects. Each folder containing Ideas files will be imported as a Draw project containing the imported Ideas files.


      After you’re organized your Ideas files on Creative Cloud, you can import them into Draw. Tap the Draw icon in the upper left corner of the app and select Manage Files. Tap on the ‘Fetch All Files’ button to perform a one-time import of all of your organized Ideas files stored on Creative Cloud into Draw. All layers and artwork will be preserved after import.