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    Which Adobe product should I use for animations in epub?

    SueCampbell54 Level 1

      I want to do a fixed layout (epub 3) picture book with some simple animations and interactions. I understand that some types of animations created in InDesign do not work in the epub (or in iBooks). I do not want to use DPS or folios. I want this to be a functional epub. It may be included in a proprietary app as an in-app purchase, but it could also be sold alone as an ebook in the iBookstore.


      Which product should I use to create some simple animations or interactive games to be included either in the InDesign file and exported to epub or added to the completed epub?


      I have not played with any of Adobe's animation tools outside of just making GIFs in photoshop. So I need guidance on the best place to start to get where I want to go.



      Sue Campbell