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    Adobe billed $1 to my bank account but Adobe sees no order on their side?

    daveAndrade Level 1

      How can this be? I have placed multiple orders with Adobe. Intiailly it was believed that my bank was blocking Adobe because Adobe never saw the order I placed. However, today I tried again and a $1 charge went through. The problem with this is that I tried this a week ago, same thing, and the $1 charged was removed and the montly amount was not charged.


      Contacted Adobe...they see no order was ever placed....whaaaa? Very confused.


      Very willing to subscribe to CC, but Adobe appears to be stopping me? The other thing is that a card, from the same bank was accepted last year when I subscribed. What changed?? It is not a debit card. It is a bank card that is used as a credit card for purchases.


      Same bank, different card, bank sees charge...Adobe never sees order. Has anyone run into this? Ive already contacted tech support. They said they will get back to me, but this has to be cut and dry. My bank account was charged. The communication is there. Why is there no order showing? Is it because I signed up for the student/teacher version adn it needs to check my email address at the school?!?