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    Keyword Summary


      Hi - does anyone know if there is a way to create a document, either as a table or list in any format e.g. csv, text, etc that summarises the number of images coded with each keyword in the list ? The information is there on the LR library so i imagine it should be accessible somehow but I always resort to Metadata > export keywords as a txt file and then manually entering the number of images that corresponds to each keyword.

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          areohbee Level 6

          Reportamus will do it (a free plugin I wrote):


          robcole.com - MiscLrPlugins

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            jkdtay Level 1

            Great. I finally just downloaded your plug-in after checking it was ok to use and its great. Not exactly what I wanted since I also need to provide a summary of the colours that images in each keyword category are coded as, but it still saves me a lot of time. Now I just need to play around with how to delimit etc. But how is the output sorted, it doesnt seem to be alphabetical or based on totals...? Thanks so much for doing this, I'll certainly donate to your efforts.