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    Roll over for if statement


      I need some help with the if statement for this movie clip.

      • This movie clip has a stop action on the first frame.
      • On rollover it goes to and plays the next frame. Some animation occurs on the timeline. Once the animation stops, there is a stop frame.

      I would like to make it so that once it reaches this last stop frame, it will check to see whether the user still has the mouse rolled over the mc. If they do, then I would like the mc to stay on that stop frame. If they are no longer rolling over the mc, then I would like it to continue on to the next frame, where more animation occurs.

      Basically, its a movie clip with button functionality; however, I want the out state to only occur once the animation for the over state has finished.

      How would the if statement look? Can anyone help. I tried rollOver & mouseOver == true but it hasnt worked.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          add a variable and assignment to your rollout handler. check the varable to see if its value has been assigned when your reach the last frame of you rollover animation. reset the variable's value on rollover and when you reach the last frame of your rollover animation.