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    Auto-zooming world wanted

    The Nitpicker
      I have a wild idea of making the mouse do lots more. I want an entire zoom world to be accessible by just mousing. Rollover into a contained zone written smaller auto-zooms into it exactly to where the text is the natural size that the viewer prefers. Recursively.

      I'm thinking that if the contents of the zoom world are just text and images and maybe a video or two, then this is an almost trivial application of Flex and in particular FlexibleRails. I expect to pay for an answer, more for more detail about how and why.

      Having the content in a database would seem to permit arbitrary rearrangement on the fly without changing the application a whit and thus needing no new compile. Each region has a natural screen size and contains deeper regions without limit. Zooming in and out is automatic. Just mousing does all navigation needed to see the whole site. Then we can add command gestures, and still no buttons or keys until you are filling in some form. Still nearly trivial to implement in Flex or FlexibleRails.

      Is it possible that that is true? Or nearly true?
      Can I pay someone to answer questions like this?

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