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    Image Icon not showing in "get info" for OS 10.9.4


           I  now have PS CC 2014 and the image icons are showing the "generic" .jpg and .psd files in the "get info" finder window, but on my desktop the images are showing their

           proper image icon.

           I was previously using PS CS 5 and the icons are showing up in the "get info" window, but with PS CC 2014 these icons are showing up as generic.

           To be clear the images I saved using PS CS 5 are showing the icons vs. the images I saved in CC 2014 where the icons are not showing in the "get info" window.

           I've compared preference settings with PS 2014 and PS 5 but their basically about the same.


           I'm including 2 images so you can see what I'm explaining. IMG_1627 is a PS CC2014 created image and Arturo is a PS 5 image.


           I did read about other PS users having similar issues but it looked to be unresolved.

           You may think what's the big deal, but I use these image icons to label my folders. A "trick" I've doing for over decade which helps keep my folders visually on track for me.

           Is anyone out there able to solve this issue??  



            Image Icon 1.jpgImage Icon 2.jpg