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    Digital Signature


      I am trying to digitally sign a Director Projector using signcode.exe. This is necessary to avoid repeated security messages in Windows Vista and XP SP2. However, the projectors, after signing, give an error code when run. Apparently, the signing process appends data to the end of the projector which prevents it from finding the movie list and other info. This would be fairly simple to fix and I am dumbfounded as to why it hasn’t been. Adobe digitally signs their products, so why can’t we?
      Does anyone know of a workaround for this?
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          I have the sample problem. I got "This application requires Shockwave Player 11, which is not installed."

          It seems that the exe file has been changed after signing and the file is not readable.

          Any help?
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            Chunick Level 3
            I'm curious; is it appending to the end of the .exe file or is it cutting out the resource and appending to that... and dumping all the other 'stuff'?
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              Skeeto Level 1
              I made an official support case and the answer was "Digitally signing projectors is not supported".

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                Is it possible to give us a link to that official support case you opened for this same issue? I would like to see what Adobe's official reply was.

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                  I have the same problem. "This application requires Shockwave Player 11, which is not installed." This happens when running my EXE!

                  So much for my standalone exe! This is a MUST FIX!

                  Also the errors reported by others trying to digitally sign projectors are also the same ones i have recieved when trying to protect the new D11 exe's, director needs to play better with these common programs used for software distribution, right now i dont see how i can deploy anything properly.

                  Anyone have any news on digital signing a projecter please let us know.