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    copy paste with right mouse click?

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      Hello there,

      I'm using Director 8.5 WinXPsp2.

      I am making an online chat app, and wanted to be able to copy and paste
      links from a browser address bar (or other text source) into an editable
      text member in a shockwave movie. (so users can send links to each other via
      chat messages).

      Using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V works fine (I auto detect and create the hyperlinks
      each end with lingo).

      However, I can't get the rightclick method of cut and paste to work due to
      the context menu poping up instead of the windows paste menu.

      If I turn the shockwave context menu off, I still can't paste using the
      windows rightclick menu as it is just dead, no response.

      Any ideas, or is this just not possible with shockwave?

      Cheers :)

      Richard Smith