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    Help! My Script is not working with Flash 8

      I really hope someone around here can help me, cause I am becomming mad. I tried everything searched the whole net, but I found nothing.
      I want to integreat a script to my website, which lets the mouse burn. But unfortunetly it doesn't work. Whenever I export my movie, a message comes up, which says that my computer might become unresponsable when I continue to run this script. Do you want to continue yes or no when you klick yes it simply doesn't work. HEEELLPPP!!

      Acctually the script does't look so difficult. Who knows what I need to change.
      I have the script from a great flash rescource site on the net. When you google flaming cursor and you take the first hit you can download the .fla file.

      Here's the script:


      //__ try adjusting these values for different effects.. __\\

      //__ NOTE: some changed values may not have effect,
      //... other values may need to be adjusted for effect to be seen__\\

      //__ Density (MIN=1 / MAX= *about 20 each)_______\\

      // ____ Y off-set ________\\

      //__ X fluctuation amplitude _____\\

      //__ Speed of rise .......
      //__ 0 = Stationary
      //__ Negative value = descend

      //__ rate of dissipation _______\\
      //__ point in which fire restarts at Ymouse coord__\\

      //__ Rate of growth ..
      //__ (0 = No Growth) (Negative Value = Shrink)


      //__ rotation rates & amplitudes _______\\

      //__ Max fire angle when mouse moves X __\\

      //____ Min & Max sizes ___\\