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    panel scrolling bug in IE

    freeeeeman Level 1
      try the following code and then scroll up & down really fast. the text gets garbled. happens only in IE for me. anyone else?

      <mx:Panel height="200" width="500">
      <mx:Label text="one" />
      <mx:Label text="two" />
      <mx:Label text="three" />
      <mx:Label text="four" />
      <mx:Label text="five" />
      <mx:Label text="six" />
      <mx:Label text="seven" />
      <mx:Label text="eight" />
      <mx:Label text="nine" />
      <mx:Label text="ten" />
      <mx:Label text="eleven" />
      <mx:Label text="twelve" />
      <mx:Label text="thirteen" />
      <mx:Label text="fourteen" />
      <mx:Label text="fifteen" />

      and in the html pointing to the swf, you have to add:
      "wmode", "opaque"

      at the end of the call for: