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    Photoshop CC not showing changes live


      Since moving to Photoshop CC from Photoshop CS5 I have an issue that no matter what task I do in Photoshop it will not show the change till I click another tool and then click back.


      So for instance I could type the word "Hello" but it will not show on my screen till I click another tool like the pointer tool and then click back to the text tool. The same happens for every change I make in Photoshop no matter the tool.


      Here I've typed Hello.. this is what I see (font is red)


      Now I've clicked the pointer tool.  I can see the square around the text..but not the text itself


      Now I've clicked back to the text tool and it shows up.



      I have updated my computer drivers, graphic drivers, re-installed photoshop (after I reformatted my hard drive from a virus and it's happened on both copies). I've tried changing all my preferences and turning off 3D functions, turning on 3D functions and having high VRAM.  Nothing fixes the issue and my computer is more than enough in terms of Ram/Processor/Graphics Card.


      Anyone else have this issue and find a solution?