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    Hard disk cache (aka disk cache or cache buffer)

    TimvandenOever Level 1

      I am pretty sure I've read in some places that the hard disk cache will benefit for an editing rig, however I lost where I've read that and with google I tend to get lots of results but it's all about media cache and what not. Totally different thing and useless for my question!


      So that's why I want to ask about it here, is it worth getting a disk with 128 MB cache over 64? I am going to reuse a few of my older drives for a new rig, but I realise I need at least one more hdd that I intend to use as a projects drive. I created the following chart so you can see a bunch of drives I've been looking at.




      As it happens to be the only drives I can buy in my country with 128 MB data buffer are the Constellation drives by Seagate. With one exception, being the WD SE 1 TB disk. As you can see it's actually the most expensive per GB drive in my chart but considering that 1 GB would easily suffice for it's purpose it's still 'cheaper' to go with this option. The strange thing about it to me though is that the bigger drives in the same line by Western Digital only have 64 MB cache so I have no idea why in particular only the smaller 1 GB one does not. It's not just a specification error by the stores either, they clearly state the specs on their own website here. It also tells that it should have slightly higher write speeds as well, but I can't find any reviews on this particular drive or why it comes with a higher cache.


      Perhaps someone here could shed some light upon the matter for me, thanks!

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          JFPhoton Level 3

          ...use SATA III high quality SSDs like the Samsung 850 Pro,or , the cheaper Crucial M550s. You only need 2 of them to get started. Use the big old HDDs as BACKUPS......use the SSDs as your WORKING drives...the HDDs can store original media that you transfer to PROJECT SSD for when you edit. HDDs are slowly going to become EXTINCT...like the dinosaurs. They just are TOO SLOW....unless you have MANY of them in an expensive RAID array that also needs a UPS power backup..

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            TimvandenOever Level 1

            Sure you won't see the hdd's for that much longer, but for the time being they're still closer to 6 cents per GB as opposed to 60c. I have of course thought of how nice it would be to have a system full of ssd's, but sadly I have more use for at least a certain amount of hdd space within my budgets, and it's the easiest component to upgrade my system with in the future.