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    Looking for PC custom build for 2D illustration




      First of all - I already looked at existing builds, but the graphics ones I could find were mostly intended for 3d graphics or Video use.
      I am looking for a build that can run Photoshop, Corel Painter and other 2D graphics programs at high performance. I intend to work on a Cintiq or Intuos tablet and would love to have a computer that does not take forever if I apply a filter or even lag when drawing with lots of layers open. Also I would like a build that I can upgrade in a couple of years time (buy lots more RAM, maybe a new graphics card etc)

      So I want the processors to be fast, I will need alot of RAM and a good graphics card. Also I am not sure whether I need a second SSD as scratchdisk for Photoshop in addition to an SSD system disk, since some people claim that with a lot of RAM that is unnecessary. Someone told me to get a "6 core Xeon processor" others mentioned the "i7" series, but again I am unsure wether that is necessary. What do You think?

      I have considered getting a workstation, but by now believe that would be overkill for 2D illustration plus if I don't get a workstation-style graphics card I can also play games on this thing.

      Most of my actual data is going to be stored on external drives and i will try to keep the system as clean as possible to keep performance up.

      As You can see I have very little knowledge of current hardware and would therefore greatly appreciate help.

      Addendum: a nice looking case that is designed with good cooling options in mind would be nice of course. I like my toys to look cool.;)


      -the Dandy
      P.S.: And no, I am sure I do not want a Mac, though I hope You have fun with Yours, thank You very much


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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Whatever you go with, definitely get as much RAM as possible. An SSD will help too but not as much as RAM will where Photoshop's concerned. (And they're correct on using an SSD scratch disk; it won't matter if you have plenty of RAM.)


          Even a "mid-range" video card will handle Photoshop just fine. You don't need a bleeding-edge, top-of-the-line CPU but, of course, the peppier, the better.


          I'm kind of a "less is more" kind of guy; I don't like my chassis to look like it's something from Tron (though I do like the series and its art direction).  xD


          Keep in mind Microsoft announced Windows 10 a few days ago. There's rumors swirling that Windows 8 and 8.1 users will get to upgrade to 10 for free but nothing's confirmed as of yet.